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Jonathan J. Sanchez

Born and raised in Southern California, Jonathan brings his passion, vision, and success in real estate to a place he proudly calls home. Coming from a family of realtors, Jonathan was exposed to the value and merits of the real estate industry at a very young age. His passion for real estate only grew over the years as he witnessed first hand the life-changing moments that resulted in countless families finding a place to call home. At 18 years old Jonathan obtained his real estate license, steadfast in his desire and aspirations for a career in real estate. Jonathan graduated from USC’s Marshall School of Business where he eagerly cultivated and refined necessary knowledge and skills needed to excel in real estate. 

By understanding how to interpret and use financial data, Jonathan is able to break down economic fluctuations and other external factors affecting the market. His close analysis of market indicators ensures his competitive advantage and guarantees his clients a current and realistic approach to best achieve their immediate and long-term real estate goals. Possessing an unwavering work ethic and a keen business mind, Jonathan is able to provide his clients with the vital tools necessary in the sale or purchase of a home. Not only does his training and education give him a competitive edge, but his upbringing in the industry as a second-generation realtor also gives him the insight and know-how required to succeed in real estate.

To Jonathan, Real Estate is not just about understanding the market, but also about understanding people as well. Jonathan takes the time to listen to homeowners and their stories, which allows him the ability to understand and predict his client’s needs and preferences. He believes that buying or selling a home is a deeply personal process and he is intent on making that process as easy as possible. As a real estate agent, the most rewarding part of the job for Jonathan is helping his clients build financial wealth through real estate.

During his free time, Jonathan spearheads the role of President of the USC Alumni Regional Club for the San Fernando Valley. Together with the other board members, Jonathan coordinates and plans events to give back to the community. From volunteering at shelters to planning food drives, the goal of the Alumni club is to make a difference within the San Fernando Valley. In addition, the club hosts multiple fundraising events throughout the year to generate money to give to future students in the form of scholarships. Every year, the club receives about 60-80 applications from students from all over the San Fernando Valley; and every year the Alumni Club sets out to to fundraise as much money as possible to grant as many students with scholarships.